Thursday, April 26, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

random pictures

I began to realize that whenever I upload photos to my Flickr they span about four months. Oh well, hopefully with our new camera we will take more photographs and upload more often. Check them out on the right.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

veggie tales

I am a hypocrite, I know. I have the hardest time motivating to blog but I curse everyone else for not blogging enough. I would like to think I could blog daily and I applaud those that do but I struggle to come up with topics. Maybe I am thinking about it too much.

Today, however, is a different story. I have a whopper of a topic for you (my choice in words will be quite humorous as you read on and I swear I didn't plan it. Pure coincidence. Now I am just attempting to break the record for longest parenthetical phrase. Is that a word, parenthetical? Kudos on the vocabulary. OK, I'm done.).

Rachel and I have been attempting to eat vegetarian. I will never call myself a vegetarian, only that I eat vegetarian. Calling yourself a vegetarian comes with too much scrutiny, just ask Becca. For me, it will be two weeks meat free on Monday. It has been something Rachel and I have talked about for a long time but I just brushed it off claiming it could never happen. Although the choice seemed abrupt,it happened gradually. First I wanted to only eat meat that came from free range animals (You know, the ones that have a smile on their face as they get their throats slit). It wasn't enough. I like animals too much to eat them. If it were my job to decided whether the animals on the farm live or die, I would pardon them every time (That'll do pig is what I'd say). I understand the natural order of things and where we lie/lay/lain (damn journalism class didn't teach me a thing) on the food chain but as long as I can be healthy without it, the choice became easy.

I refuse to judge or even attempt to influence those who still eat meat. I may even slip up sometimes (Is there anything not fried in lard on Carolina's menu?). I have yet to decide if fish are off limits because I haven't decided if I care about fish (cruel but true). I look at it like religion. Leave it up to the individual to decide what they believe without having to decide if a right or wrong answer exists. Besides, I have been eating meat for almost a quarter of a century, how annoying would it be if I started getting all preachy.

P.S. Let's Go Mets

Friday, February 23, 2007

et tu, brute?

I have always considered myself a loyal person, faithful to those that are dearest to me. I cannot identify myself that way anymore. I have done something awful, unforgivable even. I am in the middle of what may be a nasty breakup. I have betrayed that of which has only provided me with countless fond memories, something I could always depend on to eagerly await my arrival when I returned home...

Netflix I hope you can move on. I hope you will find some way to be happy, but I must leave you for something fresher, younger and more exciting...Blockbuster Total Access.

Please forgive me.